Alcohol Addiction in Longview, TX

Getting treatment for alcohol addiction can be a tough process. Many addicts want to get help, but simply don't know where to turn. Alcohol addiction treatment in Longview is available.

The road to recovery isn't always an easy one, but living a life free of alcohol addiction is much more fulfilling and rewarding. Get the help you need to beat alcohol addiction once and for all by finding the right alcohol addiction treatment center today.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Understanding the difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction can be very difficult for many people. Alcohol abuse, which may lead to alcohol addiction over time, often occurs when an individual drinks irresponsibly and continues drinking for long periods of time.

Individuals who have alcohol abuse problems may not drink every day and may not have any issues at all staying away from alcohol for days or weeks at a time. That isn't the case for individuals suffering from alcohol addiction.

Alcohol addiction is the most severe form of alcoholism and physical dependence on the substance is a major issue. That's why alcohol addiction often requires substance abuse treatment therapy in Longview, which facilitates the process of recovery.

Over time, alcohol addiction can take a major toll on your life, from impacting personal relationships to damaging your reputation at work. Many people who develop alcohol addiction and drink regularly because of it also put themselves in dangerous, unpredictable situations when consuming alcohol.

Alcohol addiction also negatively impacts your body and can put you at a higher risk for long-term health issues like high blood pressure, stroke, liver disease and certain types of cancer, including cancer of the throat, esophagus, liver, colon and breast according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Getting treatment for alcohol addiction now can help you avoid long-term problems and get your life back on track.

Alcohol Addiction Signs and Symptoms

For many people who develop alcohol addiction issues, drinking every day to the point of getting drunk is common. Many people also develop a high tolerance to alcohol and find that they can drink more than others without getting drunk as well.

Common signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction include

  • Physical dependence. Many addicts who develop a physical dependence on alcohol find themselves anxious, nauseous, depressed, irritable, fatigued and unable to sleep without alcohol. Shaking, trembling, sweating and even vomiting are also common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal experienced by many addicts.
  • You think about alcohol frequently and often. For some addicts, alcohol becomes the main focus of their life, from planning social gatherings to time spent alone. Some addicts feel panicked or uncomfortable when alcohol is not available in social gatherings or even at home.
  • Lack of control over alcohol consumption. Many addicts drink when they tell themselves they won't, consuming more alcohol over a longer period than intended.
  • You continue drinking even though you know it's causing problems in your work and personal life.
  • The inability to stop drinking. Many addicts want to stop drinking, but feel powerless to do so without help.

The medical professionals at our drug detox center in Longview will make the process as comfortable as possible for the patient. Alcohol withdrawal is very dangerous and can very easily lead to death if not carefully monitored by medical staff. We ensure that the patient won't suffer from the withdrawal symptoms so that they can begin their recovery process on a positive note.

Why Should I Begin Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Longview?

Entering an alcohol addiction treatment center can feel frightening for many addicts. Giving up control over your drinking and seeking help from professionals, especially if you've been an addict for a long time, is scary after all. Denying that you have developed an alcohol addiction, even to yourself, to avoid feeling like you need alcohol addiction treatment in Longview is also common.

The fear of getting treatment for alcohol addiction shouldn't keep you from seeking help. Trained professionals who offer alcohol addiction treatment in Longview aren't here to judge or condemn you for your behavior. They're available to help you take control of your life and put alcohol addiction behind you.

Getting treatment for alcohol addiction may feel like a tough road, but treatment programs have helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world manage cravings and deal with issues that led them to become addicts in the first place.

Trust in yourself and a qualified alcohol addiction treatment center when it's time to beat alcohol addiction once and for all. Call Longview Drug Rehab Centers today at (903) 500-2598 and speak with an addiction specialist about our addiction treatment programs in Longview.

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