Drug Intervention in Longview, TX

Drug addiction is a terrible burden for users, many of whom want to quit and simply can't do it on their own. For other addicts, particularly those in denial, drug intervention in Longview can make a world of difference when it comes to working on getting clean and sober.

Both staging and experiencing a drug intervention can be tough on people. That's why proper planning and consideration are essential when you're thinking about staging a drug intervention for addiction.

What is an Intervention?

A drug intervention for addiction, in the simplest terms, is a coming together of people who care about an addict and are concerned about their behavior. Drug intervention programs can be successful for any number of substance abuse treatment therapies in Longview, including alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs.

What makes a drug intervention different from family members simply expressing concern in an informal setting is that a proper intervention will be planned with the help of professionals who understand addiction. Many professionals even specialize in drug intervention for addiction procedures and take part in them regularly for families all over the United States.

During a drug intervention, the people in attendance, the addict and a professional counselor will have a discussion about how addiction is impacting everyone involved. In most cases, the goal of a drug intervention for addiction is to get the addict into some sort of rehabilitation program the day, or very shortly after, the intervention is staged.

How to Stage an Intervention

The first step in planning a successful drug intervention for addiction is to make a thorough plan. Without that your chances of holding an effective drug intervention in Longview go down significantly.

  • Use these steps to plan your intervention so it goes as smoothly as possible:
  • Bring a professional counselor who plans interventions with families regularly into the fold right away. This should be your first step since they'll help guide you through the process with their professional experience.
  • Get your group together early. Ideally, you should meet at least once with your counselor and everyone who will be in attendance at the intervention to discuss your game plan. If you skip this step, you run the risk of the intervention being disjointed an ineffective.
  • Talk about the addict with your group. Everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to the perils of addiction and how abusing the addict's drug of choice creates problems. Allow the counselor to inform those unfamiliar with drug abuse or the particular drug being abused fully.
  • Create a plan for staging a drug intervention and make sure everybody knows it. Where, when and what the end goal of the intervention is should be information everybody in attendance has.
  • Have a worst-case-scenario plan. Hopefully everything will go well, but many addicts need consequences if they refuse treatment. Discuss your plan with a counselor if the addict refuses treatment.

Who Should Be Involved in an Intervention?

Staging a drug intervention in Longview can be scary for the friends and family of addicts. If you're the one doing the planning, knowing who should be there is often hard to decide.

In general, close friends, family members and anyone else the addict believes they are close with should be invited. While having loved ones close is important, limiting the intervention to a small number of the closest friends and family members is often wise.

If you're not sure who to invite to an intervention, talk to the counselor that you're working with. They'll help you figure out who should be invited and who should be left out. In some cases, friends and family members with whom the addict has a conflicting relationship should be kept out of the event of the intervention but may help in the planning.

Holding a drug intervention in Longview can be a frightening process. Chances are you've never planned or even been involved with one. That's why getting professionals involved from the start is so important.

Not knowing how the intervention will go can also be terrifying. If you create a plan and do everything by the book though, there's a good chance that you can positively impact the life of an addict you care about by staging an intervention.

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