Medical Detox in Longview, TX

Drug and alcohol addiction can take a toll on your health and emotional life. If you've developed a long-term addiction, medical detox in Longview can help you recover and get your life back.

When it comes to quitting, cold turkey isn't something that works for everybody. Depending on your addiction, trying to quit on your own can be unsafe as well. A medical detox treatment facility can help you get through the pain of quitting drugs and keep you from relapsing in the future.

Our relapse prevention programs in Longview teaches addicts how to develop coping skills to prevent from further relapse. These coping skills will help them to identify triggers, beat cravings, and deal with the struggles of everyday life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Use this guide to learn more about medical detox for addiction and how to find a medical detox in Longview that meets your needs.

What is Medical Detox?

Many addicts find it difficult to break the cycle of abuse on their own. Over a long period of time, some addicts find themselves physically addicted to their substance of choice. Handling drug abuse on your own isn't going to work in most cases.

Medical detox for addiction is a process where an addict enters a facility that's run and monitored by medical professionals. Depending on the treatment facility, specific medications are used to help control withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings depending on the drugs that you're using.

One of the most important things to know about medical detox for addiction is that programs are designed to help addicts with severe addiction issues beat them once and for all. By providing a safe space for addicts to go through withdrawal, including medical support and medication, medical detox in Longview can help you stop abusing drugs and alcohol.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Medical Detox

Trying to deal with withdrawal on your own can be excruciating. If you've been abusing drugs heavily or are a long-term user, quitting drugs can put you through a series of physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms.

Among the most common withdrawal symptoms associated with entering a medical detox treatment facility, many users experience:

  • Anxiety: Quitting drugs or alcohol can be very difficult, and in some cases, trying to stop using can increase anxiety. Emotional distress is particularly common among long-term or heavy users immediately after stopping the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Depression: Addicts quitting drugs in a medical detox in Longview often experience short-term depression. Treatment can help with temporary depression and mood stabilization is common after the first week to three weeks of treatment.
  • Lack of energy: Many users feel uninterested in daily activities and generally lack the energy they once had. After working with at a medical detox treatment facility and going through recovery, addicts do regain their sense of energy and purpose again.
  • Physical symptoms like sweating, shaking, trembling, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, seizures, that in some cases cause death, can occur.

Why is it Dangerous to Detox at Home?

Medical detox for addiction can help addicts safely stop using drugs. After months or years or heavy abuse, our drug intervention in Longview is often required, and trying to do it at home on your own isn't a smart move.

Trying to detox on your own at home can put you at risk for serious issues like seizures, which can result in falls and physical injury. In the worst cases, seizures can result in death if they're severe or the consequences of a seizure are great.

Instead of going through detox at home, find a medical detox in Longview that can help you get the care you need. You'll be more comfortable in treatment and the process will be easier. You won't run the same high risks of serious withdrawal symptoms like stroke either since medical professionals will be there to monitor your progress.

Why Should I Enter a Medical Detox Treatment Facility?

Going to a medical detox treatment facility can be very scary for long-term addicts, many of whom are simply afraid of changing habits they've formed. The fear of serious withdrawals, even minor issues like pain and discomfort, can keep people from trying to quit.

When you go through medical detox in Longview, you'll have trained professionals on your side to make the experience easier. Don't spend another day as an addict when medical detox is available to you right now. Call Longview Drug Rehab Centers today at (903) 500-2598 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs in Longview.

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