Opiate Addiction in Longview, TX

Opiate addiction in Longview and throughout the state of Texas has reached epidemic status in recent years. For many, addiction was not something that they thought about until they were within its grasp.

Once you find yourself addicted to opiates, getting out of the cycle of abuse can be extremely difficult. For most people, trying to do it alone simply isn't an option. If you're a long-term user, trying to quit on your own might even be dangerous.

What is Opiate Addiction?

Opiates are known for the pleasant feelings that they can produce. For many people, opiates that were prescribed by a doctor are the beginning of developing an addiction. While opiates do work to relieve pain, they are highly addictive when taken in large quantities or for long periods of time.

At first, opiates may help to reduce pain and make the symptoms of an injury or illness manageable. After repeated use, tolerance forces more and more opiates at a time to get the same effect.

It doesn't take too long for many people to become physically dependent on opiate drugs. That's when the cycle of abuse begins for many addicts who then need to go through addiction treatment.

Illegal opiates like heroin are also a major issue in Longview and the state of Texas as a whole. While some people using heroin turn to the illegal drug when a supply of prescription opiates dries up or becomes too costly, others use heroin as their drug of choice from the start.

Highly addictive like prescription opiates, heroin kills thousands of people each year. Without controlled batches like you find with prescription opiates, ensuring quality and potency is impossible. That doesn't make prescription opiates safer though.

If you suffer from prescription or illegal opiate addiction in Longview, opiate addiction treatment is available.

Dangers of Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction can quickly diminish the quality of your life, but for many addicts, the consequences are far higher. According to a National Institute on Drug Abuse survey, more than 40,000 people die each year because of opiate overdose and misuse. Many of these deaths happen when a person stops breathing as the result of respiratory depression. Some users die because they are unable to seek help in the state of overdose and cannot receive addiction treatment.

Other consequences of addiction are also major problems for opiate users. Over time, abusing prescription and illegal opiates can damage your organs, including your liver, kidneys and heart.

Withdrawal can be a problem for many people entering an opiate addiction treatment center, but the right facility can help. Medication and monitoring are commonly used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms during our medical detox in Longview and make the process safe for users who want to quit.

Opiate Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Opiate addiction in Longview is far too common, but many people don't realize they're addicted until it's too late. Getting addiction treatment will help, but learning the signs and symptoms of addiction is essential for anyone who fears they might be addicted.

  • You're using more prescription drugs than prescribed because you've built up a tolerance.
  • You're visiting multiple doctors or buying prescription drugs illegally because you feel like you need them to get through the day.
  • You constantly think about prescription or illegal opiates like heroin. Social activities may be based around drug use as well.
  • You are afraid of being without drugs.
  • You feel sick, anxious or begin sweating or trembling when you go more than a few hours without opiates. You feel scared or begin trying to find drugs before you feel the effects of going without.

Beating opiate addiction in Longview, whether you're dealing with prescription drug abuse or illegal drugs like heroin, is possible. It will take some effort and hard work on your part, but living a life of addiction isn't all that's possible for you.

Find an opiate addiction treatment center that understands your needs and can help you today. From medical detox to help you deal with withdrawal symptoms, to counseling and more, an opiate addiction treatment center can help you turn your life around once and for all.

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